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Gorgeous and Unique Tile Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

BeeldUCI Union Ceramics International B.V.

1) Blessed with a cooking island? Decorate it with the same mosaic tiles as used on your kitchen wall.

Give your kitchen a “wow” factor by using the same mosaics on your cooking island as used on your kitchen wall. We suggest Kit Kat mosaics since these small tiles will be easy to process. Make sure to place them vertically if your island has round edges.

The Sevilla mosaics are made of glazed porcelain. The standard kitkat has a size of 20x145x8 millimetres and are hollow on top. These tiles are available in ten colours, like terra red and turquoise. The kitkat mini’s have a size of 12x92x8 millimetres and kind of have a bubble on top. The minis are available in seven colours, like azure blue and blue grey. Some mosaics are equipped with a speckle, which ensures a special effect after processing.

The kitkat mosaics are delivered in boxes of ten sheets, which equals 0,89 square feet per box for the standard kitkat and 0,87 square feet for the minis. The standard kitkat has a joint of 3,5 millimetres; the mini has one of 2,5 millimetres.

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