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Design entering totally new dimensions: no matter what shape, colour, size or structure – this mineral casting technology from Laufen places practically no limits on the freedom of expression of architects and planning engineers. The material supports the highest level of individuality vis-a-vis design, manufacture and implementation of widely varying projects based on their own designs.

As a consequence, it is as equally possible to quickly and easily produce individual sanitary products, wall panels, furniture and accessories as it is complete solutions for the bathroom and kitchen – in private areas and the public sector. And the best of it is: there is no minimum order quantity necessary to produce individual, custom-made products.

Its antibacterial properties, strength and resistance to UV light, temperature fluctuations and scratching ensure the material is also suitable for applications subject to the highest demands. And in addition, it is also repairable. That means it is also suitable for use in buildings with high footfall such as hotels, stadiums and airports.

No matter if a small washbasin or a big bathtub: Laufen places the highest demands on all processes throughout production. Each product is manufactured with the greatest of care – right down to the smallest detail. Experienced employees accompany the production process beginning with the manufacture through to transporting the moulds and final products.

AS A TRADITIONAL SWISS COMPANY with more than 120 years of experience manufacturing bathroom furnishings and fittings Laufen also places the greatest importance on precision and quality during the production process of mineral cast objects. This begins with precisely implementing the individual designs, the careful selection of high-quality components and workmanship with a love of detail through to repeated quality assurance checks throughout the entire process.

Mineral casting technology in particular requires a high level of precision handwork, an instinctive feeling for the work and many years of experience when producing the moulds and prototypes. The complexity of the designs determines if the products are to be cast in an automated or manual process.

Mineral cast products from Laufen have a high proportion of natural components. The special composition is the reason why it possible to realise many colours and surface structures. That opens up new horizons for the design process, without manufacturing process considerations placing any restrictions. Users appreciate the particularly silky, matt surface of the material with its warm and pleasant feeling to the touch.

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