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Louis Vuitton by Aiiroh

BeeldJust Art Gallery

Aiiroh Oeuvres is a contemporary French artist who draws inspiration from the world around him in a very unique way.

This contemporary French artist creates not only affichiste-inspired art, but also pieces that incorporate different brands and logos in a way that provokes thought and encourages reflection about how these brands have the undeniable power to influence how we live our lives from day to day. Aiiroh is fascinated by the how the strength of different logos could have a collective, unconscious effect on our society’s aesthetic codes, and he spends his time presenting this fascination by creating and sharing his unique art in galleries across the world.

Today, Aiiroh continues to create pieces as a contemporary French artist. His passion and personality have even led to creating artworks for world-renowned brands like Ferrari. While no one knows what the future may hold, Aiiroh is sure to carry on creating art that provokes, engages, and inspires art-lovers from all walks of life.

Gepubliceerd op15 november 2021 om 0:00
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1941CB Beverwijk
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