Just Art Gallery

Give Identity to Your Space

Just-Art Gallery is the creation of Justin Klunder, an art enthusiast who has devoted a big part of his time over the last few years in researching and discovering genuinely unique art pieces from the vanguard of up-and-coming contemporary artists.

Justin’s biggest passion are modern art paintings, big canvases, abstract, pop and street art. Browsing through our selection of acclaimed artists and their work, you will find pieces that inspire awe, excite and delight not just your visual senses but go down to a deeper sensory level. If you are a collector, an interior designer or a business buyer, you should be able to discover the artwork that speaks to you as you scan the pages and get inspired by the powerful language of art.

We know that everyone sees art in a different way so if you would like to discuss in more detail what you’re looking for or to find out more information about some of the artists or artworks in our portfolio, get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Hobbesteeg 6
1941CB Beverwijk
Justin Klunder